Rangos School of Health Sciences Has Much to be Explored


“The Rangos School of Heath Sciences (RSHS) at Duquesne University is a building with much history and excitement!” says Susan Finnegan who is an Academic Advisor in the Dean’s Office.  The building was named after Mr. John G Rangos. Mr. Rangos was Senior President and Chief Executive Officer of Chambers Development Company, the John G. Rangos Charitable Foundation, and the Chambers Development Charitable Foundation. Duquesne decided to name the building after him because he had given so much back to the university. Naming the school after Mr. Rangos was their gift to him.

According to the Duquesne website, the School of Health Sciences was “created to be able to provide assistance to people who wanted to better themselves and maintain their physical well-being. Also to make them more self-sufficient physically and provide great hope for their futures.” The Rangos School of Health Sciences was the first new School at Duquesne since 1937.

A brief history about the building itself was that it was originally a gym before the school was created. The first freshman class was admitted to the school in September of 1991, so the school is still fairly recent. Rangos has programs in the following: athletic training, health management systems, occupational therapy, perfusion technology, physical therapy, and physician assistant programs. There is a professional phase in the programs where the students go out into their fields and start practicing their skills.

RSHS has an association with regional health care organizations that provide different clinical experiences for the health science students which helps them in their professional phase of learning. There have also been many private practitioners that have significantly contributed to developing RSHS. If you wanted to learn more about the complete list of RSHS clinical affiliation sites they are available to students in the Office of the Dean.

The Rangos School of Health Sciences provides opportunities for their students to develop the skills that they will need in their professional careers. The school also gives each student and opening to demonstrate leadership, knowledge, and a profound respect for their patients or clients. Students who are enrolled in the school of health science have an idea of what is to come in their future endeavors.

Rangos School of Health Sciences

Susan Finnegan academic advisor

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